Transfer Factor Immune Oral Spray Mint- (50 ml bottle)

$55.20 (NZD)

4Life Transfer Factor® Immune Spray (mint) combines the immune boosting power of Transfer Factor XF™ and NanoFactor® extract with additional ingredients that promote immune system function, including colloidal silver, zinc, vitamin C, and lactoferrin. Available in an easy-to-dispense throat spray, it delivers this immune system support directly to the point of entry. Aloe vera and marshmallow are added to provide a protective moisture layer over the mucosal tissues where they are sprayed, further helping to soothe the mouth and throat.

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4Life Transfer Factor® Immune Spray:

  • Soothes the mouth and throat with aloe vera and marshmallow.
  • Contains certified 4Life Transfer Factor with UltraFactor XF®.
  • Educates immune cells with the power of Transfer Factor XF and NanoFactor extract.
  • Delivers protection directly to the mouth, the point-of-entry for most pathogens.
  • Includes other immune boosting ingredients like Lactoferrin, Zinc, and Colloidal Silver.
  • Freshens breath with a minty flavour

INGREDIENTS: Zinc (zinc gluconate), Colloidal Sliver (14 ppm), Marshmallow (A. officinalis) root extract, Aloe (A. barbadensis) leaf, Lactoferrin, 4Life Transfer Factor XF with NanoFactor.

OTHER INGREDIENTS: Glycerin and natural flavours and maltodextrin. 

DIRECTIONS: Shake and spray into mouth 9-10 times, swish around mouth for 30 seconds, then swallow. Repeat as needed.